Prepaid Health Maintenance Plans

The health benefits of massage therapy are maximized when it is received on an ongoing basis. The following maintenance plans are designed for every schedule, need, and budget, so that you can regularly reap the greatest health benefits from your massage therapy experience. You can modify or cancel your plan at any time by calling 415-493-8538 or e-mailing If you need help choosing a plan, that's what I'm here for. Give me a call, or we can discuss it at your next appointment.


$60 = 1 60-minute massage/month

$90 = 1 90-minute massage/month

$120 = 1 120-minute or 2 60-minute massages/month

$170 = 2 90-minute massages/month

$220 = 2 120-minute or 4 60-minute massages/month

$320 = 4 90-minute massages/month

$440 = 4 120-minute massages/month